Our famous Small Group Personal Training STRENGTH program is our flagship service.

These meticulously planned progressive programs bring you all the best aspects of 1:1 personal training that our team of coaches cut their teeth on in this industry – attention to detail, heavy technique focus, ability to modify and adapt for all scenarios such as injury – combined with the convenience, lower price tag, and motivating environment of a small, supportive group.

Our STRENGTH program is the best training option for transforming your body! If you want to build muscle, get toned, get seriously strong, and build physical resilience while learning excellent technique on key exercises, then this is absolutely the program for you!

And we absolute love taking rank beginners who have previously been intimidated by the weight room, and gradually building them into machines!

Pricing (Check the PTminder App for full list of package options):

Weekly direct debit options:

  • 2 STRENGTH sessions per week – $69/wk
  • 3 STRENGTH sessions per week + Unlimited SWEAT sessions – $99/wk

Upfront pack options: 

  • 10 pack of STRENGTH sessions (6 week expiry) – $330
  • 20 pack of STRENGTH sessions (9 week expiry) + Unlimited SWEAT sessions – $650

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