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Personal Trainer.

Knowing his ability to work with others and his desire to work in the healthcare sector, Daniel studied Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University where he studied biomechanics, physiology, the effects of exercise on the body, the psycho-social barriers to exercise and motivational interviewing among other things. After looking at pursuing Physiotherapy, Daniel found his strengths lay in getting the best out of those around him which suited personal training. No stranger to injuries, Daniel knows that staying pain free is the key to keeping happy and healthy. With his strong scientific background and desire for others to stay pain-free Daniel keeps a keen eye on technique to ensure you are getting the most out of each movement while remaining pain-free. Daniel has been at MSC since graduating in 2018. A keen social sportsman, Daniel has played soccer for more than 15 years, has picked up dodgeball and is always on the lookout for more sports to conquer with friends. When he is not exercising, Daniel likes to listen to music, cuddle his animals and play videogames. Daniel plans on completing his masters in Exercise Physiology in the next 5 years to begin helping clients with chronic diseases and injuries. Daniel currently keeps a blog for the average gym-goer at Rockman Fitness posting about fun topics, sharing silly anecdotes and occasionally giving some sound life advice.
  • Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science with distinction
  • Cert IV in Allied Health Assistant (physiotherapy)

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