About Dan

Senior Personal Trainer.

Growing up in Adelaide, I had a strong background in sport – primarily competitive swimming and football. I was always intrigued by the physical performance aspect involved in sport and how to get the most out of yourself.

My initial reason for entering the fitness industry and becoming a personal trainer was to support and guide others who also had an interest in general strength training and wanting to improve their fitness. Over time, it became clear that being a personal trainer is what I was meant to do and it has continued to provide me with a strong career.

Over the last decade, I have been involved in the operations of a gym, managing other trainers, delivered hundreds of 1:1 sessions and more recently directing small group training. My passion lies within traditional strength & conditioning training principles which I have been fortunate enough to be a part of at MSC for the past 4 years. My mission is to make basic strength training accessible & achievable to anyone I train, no matter what level or background they’re starting from.

My attention to detail and commitment to my client’s goals and preferences are noticeable in every session I deliver. It’s imperative to understand your client, how to make training relatable and empowering them to achieve their best. 

When I’m not in the gym training clients, you’ll find me either fiercely cheering on Port Adelaide in the AFL or enjoying a long black coffee!


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