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Alon has always been committed to optimizing his health and wellbeing. From an early age, he understood the importance of looking after his health because he knew it was one of the core ingredients of living his best life. Alon’s love of the outdoors, sport and his strong sense of adventure has always been a motivating factor for him to look after his physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Alon’s commitment to his health in his teens and young adult life was also driven by his ambitions to play professional football (soccer). While he was part of professional A-league clubs in Australia during his early twenties, he never managed to crack a professional contract. This was not the end for his career as a player, as he has been playing in Victoria’s semi-professional second division for over 10 years now and in the last few years has been passing on his knowledge to younger players through coaching. 

His passion for health and wellbeing lead him to decide to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, which started as a personal interest to optimise his own health and wellbeing. However, he soon realised that the principles of Naturopathy resonated with his beliefs, world views and approach to health and medicine. This led him to become increasingly fascinated about the use of evidence-based diet and lifestyle modification, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation for the prevention, management and treatment of the underlying causes of chronic disease. This fascination continues to fuel Alon’s passion as a practitioner and continues to drive him towards various avenues of self-development so that be the best practitioner that he can be. 

A clear indication of Alon’s passion for his industry and his own self-development is reflected in what he has done outside of the consulting space. A few examples include the following: 

In Alon’s final year of university, he was accepted into the Bioceuticals internship program, where he developed a product concept specific for small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), a common underlying factor behind irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This product was chosen to be part of Bioceutical’s Clinical range. – Alon has been a guest speaker at a number of schools, businesses, online platforms and wellbeing events where he promotes the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle habits for living our best life. – Alon has co-authored an e-book for practitioners about treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – Also has also written numerous articles for Fx Medicine, which is a practitioner-only magazine made by Bioceuticals. – Alon has volunteered at a Windana as a Naturopath, providing services to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

From years of experience and sitting down in front of hundreds of patients, Alon has really been able to see that at the core of most chronic health issues lies inconsistencies around people’s diet and lifestyle habits, which are ultimately driving and exacerbating their health issue. 

The fact that diet and lifestyle habits drive chronic diseases, it demonstrates the multifaceted nature of the disease and that it is not caused by just one thing, but rather a combination of factors. Which is why it requires a multi-faceted treatment approach, as opposed to the prescription of just medications and supplements alone, which is a common experience of patients when visiting other health practitioners. These can be necessary, but they always work more effectively in the backdrop of good diet and lifestyle habits that are addressing the underlying causes. 

Therefore, Alon’s philosophy as a naturopathic practitioner is not to “treat” but rather to “coach,” empower and facilitate people to make fad-free, achievable, sustainable and practical changes to their diet and lifestyle (along with evidence-based supplementation). 

Alon works with his clients as a team to help them implement changes that will ultimately decrease their symptoms, improve their quality of life and make them mentally and physically robust so that they can live their best and most authentic life. 

Health is the most important thing in our lives. Without it, we simply can’t be the best versions of ourselves. This is why Alon wants to empower you to make long-lasting changes that will support your health and wellbeing, long after your face to face sessions together. He understands diet and lifestyle habits are hard to change and also understands the demands of people’s busy lives, which is why his treatment plans reflect this in their practicality, simplicity and sustainability.

Alon is also a qualified personal trainer with a cert 3 and 4 in fitness. As part of his diet and lifestyle coaching, he helps his clients to implement regular strength training into their weekly routines. This is so they can reap the physical and mental benefits of strength training.

His evidence-based programming will help you to achieve and sustain your fitness goals, with an overall focus of building strength, getting toned, increasing physical resilience, increasing mobility, changing body composition and preventing injury. 

He has great attention to detail when it comes to his coaching style and he prides himself in teaching clients about how to engage in strength training in a safe manner, using excellent technique. 

He loves taking on beginners who have previously been intimidated by the weight room, and gradually building them into confident gym machines!

He also works as a PT at Melbourne Strength and Conditioning in Glenhuntly, where he takes one on one sessions and group training sessions as well. 


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 
  • Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness 
  • ASCA Level 1
  • Association membership:
  • Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)

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