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Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.

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Train Smarter. Get stronger. Live better.

MSC runs evidence and results-based training systems. Through intelligent program design, we train our members to be stronger, so they can live a better life. MSC understands that each person has diverse ideas about what constitutes a better version of themselves. At MSC we are always working together with our members, striving to make every member physically and mentally stronger.

At MSC we are persistent and consistent. We believe that the key to building healthy habits that last is to join a group like MSC, where the desired behaviour is normal behaviour.

Online Coaching

4-6 week individualised training programs

For those of you who live too far away from our gym for regular sessions, but still want access to quality training and individualised coaching services, this is for you.

strength & conditioning

for progress, not perfection.

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What We Offer


Build lean muscle by stressing every energy system and training every muscle fibre.


Designed to give you an all-over body workout through high intensity intervals.


Muscles worked to their fullest capacity, your body burning, and smile on your face.

Online Coaching

Individualised coaching services for those of you who live too far away from our gym.

Personal Training​

1:1 sessions that are specifically tailored and designed for your individual training goals.